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COVID-19: Mental Health

 Hello Everyone!  This post is to address an underlying pandemic that has been existing within us for decades, a pandemic that is equally significant as the COVID-19 pandemic, if not larger. This pandemic is one that affects hundreds of millions of people yearly, unlike any other illness. Today, we will be talking about the mentalContinue reading “COVID-19: Mental Health”

Protesting during COVID-19

Hello everyone! With the recent tragedies occurring, there has been a rise in protests all around the world. Although peaceful protest is outlined within basic human rights, we must account for the current situation and think about the high transmissibility of the COVID-19 virus before every step we take. So, the purpose of this postContinue reading “Protesting during COVID-19”

COVID-19: Lockdown measures have eased, but what should you do now?

Hello Everyone! With social distancing and lockdown measures easing down, as well as daily cases coming to a gradual decrease, it is very easy to drop your guard with COVID-19. However, we must remember that thousands of cases still occur daily, a second wave of infections is probable, and that everyone is still susceptible toContinue reading “COVID-19: Lockdown measures have eased, but what should you do now?”

My first post!

Since this is my first post, I chose to add a little about myself. However, all of my coming posts will be health-related, so stay tuned! Hello Everyone! My name is Aryan and I am a junior who goes to high school at Miami, FL. I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor, and dueContinue reading “My first post!”

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