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Protesting during COVID-19

Hello everyone!

With the recent tragedies occurring, there has been a rise in protests all around the world. Although peaceful protest is outlined within basic human rights, we must account for the current situation and think about the high transmissibility of the COVID-19 virus before every step we take. So, the purpose of this post is to emphasize that although we do have the right to peacefully protest, we must take every step with utmost caution in order to prevent the pandemic from spreading even further.

For anyone who does choose to protest, they should make sure to take any preventative measures possible and be aware of social distancing guidelines at all times.
Make sure to wear masks, wear gloves if possible, and stay at least 6 feet away from others at all times. Moreover, it is highly recommended to carry items such as hand sanitizer and wipes any time you step outside of your home. Ideally, you should also be sanitizing yourself when you return home in order to prevent the germs from coming into your house.

Once again, please try to stay away from crowded places at all times while protesting. Within recent studies, it has been found that protests that haven’t followed social distancing have a correlation with the rise of the number of COVID-19 cases, and this number is expected to increase over the coming weeks. Therefore, please take all preventative measures possible, especially social distancing, while participating in protests. In order to help this cause and convey the right message, it’s important that we help ourselves and stay healthy first!


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