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COVID-19: Lockdown measures have eased, but what should you do now?

Hello Everyone!

With social distancing and lockdown measures easing down, as well as daily cases coming to a gradual decrease, it is very easy to drop your guard with COVID-19. However, we must remember that thousands of cases still occur daily, a second wave of infections is probable, and that everyone is still susceptible to the virus. Today’s post is meant to offer some do’s and don’t’s regarding this situation: 

✅Having followed social distancing and lockdown measures for around 3 months, I understand it is very hard to avoid the urge to go outside. Even though the best practice is to stay in your home, if you do end up going outside, remember to AVOID CROWDED PLACES and stay with the least amount of people possible (preferably under 10)

✅Exercise is good for you and recommended for maintaining good health. So, if you choose to exercise during these times, remember to always follow social distancing and sanitation.

✅Always remember to stay around 6 feet away from all people at all times. Even though someone looks healthy, they may be asymptomatic and can transmit the disease to you. 

✅Any time you go outside, remember to wear a mask, put on gloves if possible, and carry hand sanitizer/wipes. 

✅When you come back home, it is advised to properly sanitize yourself and wash your hands and face. If you are bringing any item back, try to wipe it or leave it in a designated place for a couple days before using it. 

✅As shown in the picture, it is fine to go to an isolated area and enjoy your time with your family. However, going to populated areas (potential hotspots) such as a beach can turn out to be dangerous and a probable place to get COVID-19. 

❌Avoid going to places at peak hours, which can contain the largest crowds. 

❌Try not to share glasses or plates with friends or family 

❌ Avoid touching your face often

❌Most importantly, do not panic if you think you have contracted COVID-19 or if you think you have come in contact with an infected person. Sanitize yourself right away, and monitor your health in the coming days. 

Once again, please try to avoid crowded places and popular attractions. Following social distancing is still the best way to avoid COVID-19. After all, according to various studies, social distancing and lockdown have prevented around 60 MILLION infections just in the US.


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